Thomas Urv’s debut album ‘O Sweet Exorcism’ out today!!

Out today!!

DJ Thomas Urv‘s album, O Sweet Exorcism…

Listen here!

Deejay Feedback:
* Laurent Garnier (none)
‘Excellent LP ‘

* Mark Broom
‘Super solid album, will def be using Mjondalen. Thanks.’

* Henning Baer ((Grounded Theory))
‘Unease for me!’

* Mor Elian (Prime Numbers)
‘Love it’

* Zak (DVS1)

* Rush Plus (Rush Plus DC, Behzad Et Amarou Records)
‘some cool tracks in here, thanks for sending ‘

* Neil (Nail)
‘Cor yeah this is ace! Cat’s Called Elektra!! Cheers, N x’

* Dakini9 (Plan B Recordings / Sound Warrior)
‘Some seriously mental tracks here, with Unease and Roland Og Fjellbunkeren being my favorites. ‘

* Ben Sims
‘digging hz + kalle, thx!’

* Leftfield (Leftfield)
‘very Conga lightening ‘

* Lo Shea (Hope Works / Phonica)
‘Another SUPERB Ploink release.Lots to love here, but Unease,HZ,Roland Og Fjellbunkeren and of course Mjondalen stick right out! Support.x’

* Bleak (Delsin, Deeply Rooted, Naura)
‘Thomas Urv – Roland Og Fjellbunkeren – PLOINK is my fav! Thanks’

* Santiago Salazar (DJ S2)
‘nice trancey feel on HZ! I also dig Cat’s Called Elektra’

* Quinn Taylor (Young Male (Work Them/White Material))
‘Nice acid lines, Kalle Rod and HZ for me. Interesting record ‘

* Norman Methner (UNCAGE)
‘def need to check this out more properly. but what i heard so far sounded good to me. Thank you’

* Martin (The Black Dog)
‘Nice and wonky, makes a fucking change after listening to 2000 Jeff Mills copies.’

* Johannes Volk (Dolly / Axis / Sistrum)
‘Thanks! That last track is really cool!’

*(Twitter) Scuba
‘The new @thomasurv release is absolutely wicked’

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