Christian Tilt’s new EP out today!!

Here it is!!

Brother Christian’s new EP, all tracks recorded completely live in studio, in one take. And theres even an amazing +plattform remix!!

Check it here:


And the djs love it!
* Laurent Garnier (none)
cool EP

* Slam (Soma)

* David (Truncate)
Plattform mix for me thanks

* Dax J (Monnom Black)

* Tom Peters (Kompakt, Get Physical)
The Wedding is ace

* Setaoc Mass (Work Them Records, SK_eleven, Animal Farm Records, Initial Berlin)
A2 for me!

* Sophia Saze (Dusk & Haze)
the wedding! great release!

* VII Circle (Rapid Eye Movement, Stem Records)
Cleary Innocent is great!

* Gabriella Vergilov (Enemy Records, Palinoia,, Thema Recordings)
Tracks 2,3,4 for me.Thanks!

* FBK (Frictional, Xplor, Marcel Dettmann Records)
great techno release. banging! Plattform remix is the good kind of warped.

* Rush Plus (Rush Plus DC)
+plattform remix is sick!

* Markus Suckut
The Wedding for me!

* Volvox (Discwoman)
kinda useful

* David Martin (Dimensions Soundsystem)
Nice, Clearly Innocent & The Platform Mix are the picks for me. Thanks DM

* Joris Voorn
Downloaded, thank you.

* Marco Faraone (Uncage / Rekids / Drumcode)
Plattform remix is fat! great one! thxxxx

lovely label wish i could do also a remix on this, very plus plus plus plattform really enjoy

* Sapphire Slows (Kaleidoscope, Nous Disques, Not Not Fun)
I like The wedding. Powerful track.

* AWB (Taapion Records)
love both version of dinner with the devil. thanks!

* Randomer
love the platform remix

* Santiago Salazar (DJ S2)
“The Wedding” and +plattform remix for me!

* Opuswerk (Arts, Krill Music)
+plattform’s remix for me. Dubby nasty, groovey. Ace.

* Henning Baer ((Grounded Theory))
Dinner with the devil and its remix for me!!

* DJ Spider (Plan B Recordings, The Trilogy Tapes, KilleKill)
Cool release.

* Shlomo (Taapion Records / Delsin)

* Jon Hester (EDEC, Les Enfants Terribles,L.A.G.)
plattform Remix for me, thanks!

* Johannes Volk (Dolly / Axis / Sistrum)
Diiner with the devil + plattform remix are cool

* Matt Edwards (Radio Slave)
Thanks for the promo.

* Dimitri Kneppers (Planet E, KMS records)
Cleary Innocent and The Wedding are my favs. full support! thanks.

* Discrete Circuit (Tellerrand Rec.)
Nice Ep thanks!

* Dylan Hermelijn (2000 and One / 100% Pure / Intacto)
Nice one, thank you!

* Pablo Roman-Alcala (Beaner)
2,3 and 4 are good!

* Marco Effe (Break New Soil, Prism)
+Plattform Remix is the one for me. THanks

* JC Laurent (Hidden / Decoy)
+plattform Remix is perfect ! Good job, thanks

* Max (m50 / Area (Wave Music/Ethereal Sound))
heavy gear!

* P.Leone (Work Them Records, Rekids, EMISSIONS)
bomb ep~!

* Thor (Thor-Thule Records)

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