After literately years of ..well, planning, we finally decided it was time:

PLOINK hereby announce the long overdue label branch!

What shall we call it?

Waiiit for iiiit…

Yes, we shall call it:    “PLOINK”

We have had such a great time promoting parties for years but we always had this tought in the back of our tiny minds that perhaps SOME DAY we should find a way to present Norwegian Techno in a more lasting way than that illusive moment at some techno party..

We have also enjoyed working with many amazing artists, some of whom we hope will contribute with tracks or remixes in the future.

We aim at mainly signing acts from Norway though – pushing the local talent has always been a key objective for us!

Perhaps we’ll find some remixers abroad though…

Stay tuned for more news as well as some major development of the website!


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