So, to repeat ourselves because we like to: Its twenty years since we wanted to do less of the insane raveparties out in the woods, on the mountains or out on small fjord-islands, or even at old factories and warehouses. We wanted to get indoors at the clubs. The clubs are safe, we thought. We were wrong. No matter. Twenty years later, with headaking amounts of artists playing two decades of parties (check archive here), and we are still breathing!

And as you know we even eventually did the butterfly thing nearly two years ago and morphed into a label..

Enough history (repeating twice)! This is the third, concluding chapter of the trilogy! The finale!

PL012NK, the 96-16#3
A1: Skatebård – Kapitalsystemets Belastning
A2: Kahuun – Sherlock
A3: +plattform – Reluctant
B1: Dortmund – Helle Farben
B2: Henrik S – Phobos
B3: Espen Lauritzen – Tromsø

Released June 6th 2016!

Go on. Listen to it here.

More details here…!

Mastered & lacquer cut by Mike Grinser @ Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

Digital distribution by Phonofile
Vinyl distribution by Readymade, Berlin

Releaseparty at Østre, Bergen May 21st here.

Original image: “Waterfall in Telemark” by August Cappelen (1852)
PLOINK manipulation by Stig Woldseth.
Design by Delikatessen. You know it.


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