KSMISK’s epic album, Mikrometeorittene, (PL022NK) released everywhere today!

Check it here:

Deejays like it too:
*François Kevorkian (Wave)
Some great stuff in there like “Silicate” and
“Blitz”, will definitely support. I like the use of ambient textures as interludes too!

*Slam (Soma)
Thanx guys

*Matt Edwards (Radio Slave (Official))
Thanks for the promo.

*Jonas Kopp (Ostgut Ton, Spectral Sound)

*Joris Voorn

*David (Truncate)
Spherules is the one for me thanks!

*Len Faki (Podium / Behrgain / Panoramabar / Ostgut Ton)
silicate and westergas are great for the first listen! surely have to dive more deeply into it. thX LF

*Dylan Hermelijn (2000 and One / 100% Pure / Intacto)
Cool Album, thank You!

*Tom Peters (Kompakt, Get Physical)
Blitz is dope

* Jon Hester (EDEC, Les Enfants Terribles, L.A.G.)
Chrondrites, Wustite, and Vesta for me thanks!

* Johannes Volk (Dolly / Axis / Sistrum)
Great album, especially Spherules! Thanks

* P.Leone (Work Them Records, E-MISSIONS)
blitz & silicate for me 🙂

* Pablo Roman-Alcala (Beaner)
if only i were playing big rooms these days some of these are great!

* Shlomo (Taapion Records / Delsin)
really nice ! Spherules is my pick

* Setaoc Mass (Work Them Records, SK_eleven, Animal Farm Records, Initial Berlin)
Some nice ones in here!

* Marco Effe (Break New Soil, Prism)
Spherules is the one for me! Thanks for the music

* Ben Sims
thx! digging Spherules the most

* Anastasia Kristensen (Nous Disques)
I dig Silicate! THX

* Avalon Emerson (Whities / Spring Theory / Icee Hot)
dope thank you

*Rodhad (Dystopian / Other Heights /Semantica / Berlin)
downloading for listen. thanks!

*Dax J (Monnom Black)

*Avalon Emerson (Whities / Spring Theory /Icee Hot)
dope thank you

*John Osborn (TANSTAAFL)
like on first listen – Spherules stood out for me
but will give it some more time as a whole –
thank you

*Keith Carnal (Arts, Affin)
Very cool album! Like nearly all of them! Thanks a lot!

*Baikal (Maeve)
interesting nice textures

P.Leone (Work Them Records, Rekids, E-MISSIONS)
blitz & silicate for me 🙂

*Tom Peters (Kompakt, Get Physical)
Blitz is dope

*JC Laurent (Hidden / Decoy)
All tracks are really good ! Thanks



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