Announcing Argentina’s Joaquin Ruiz’ Galactic EP on PLOINK

Oh yes!

Joaquin Ruiz is indeed releasing his first EP for PLOINK!

Due november 3rd on vinyl & digital, and you can already find a taste here.

More details here.

Oh. And the djs? They’re all over it:

* Laurent Garnier (none)
‘cool tracks’

* DJ Rolando (Underground Resistance / Delsin / Ostgut Ton / Skudge)
‘Spiralism is the one for me. will play this one out for sure… ‘

* AWB (Taapion Records)
‘Equilatero for me. thx’

* Marcelus (Tresor, Deeply Rooted, Marcel Dettmann Records)
‘yep this one is very good! transmissions, equilatero also, even last one is great! ‘

* Johannes Volk (Dolly / Axis / Sistrum)
‘Really love this dramatic vibe in Galactic, great release! Thanks’

* JC Laurent (Hidden / Decoy)
‘Great EP ! Thanks’

* Baikal (Maeve)
‘lovely stuff!’

* Martin (The Black Dog)
‘Will give these a spin on Dogma.’

* Marco Effe (Break New Soil, Prism)
‘Spiralism is nice! Thanks’

* Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma)
‘Thanx ‘

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