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PLOINK’S Miss Mostly​ and DJ Thomas Urv​ spoke about their techno label and its history, while presenting five tracks by artists Mental Overdrive​ (edit by Prins Thomas​), +plattform​, Ksmisk​, Thomas Urv, as well as a world premiere from Christian Tilt​’s forthcoming EP.

They also mentioned their new project, the annual techno festival in Bergen: PLOINK FESTIVAL​ april 30th with headliners Octave One​, Stacey Pullen (official page)​ and Tadeo​ on the bill.
Facebook event here!
Resident Advisor event here!

Here are the tracks played on the show:
Mental Overdrive – Hellbent 2 (Prins Thomas edit):

+plattform – Front:

KSMISK – Lava:

Thomas Urv – Cat’s Called Elektra:

Christian Tilt – Dinner With The Devil (release april 13th)

All tracks are available on vinyl from your fave record shop, like HARDWAX​ or from our shop here.



The program is ready!

Check it out and get your tickets now here!

Octave One​, Stacey Pullen, Tadeo​, +plattform, Joaquin Ruiz​, Nordenstam, Thomas Urv​, Miss Mostly​, Christian Tilt​, Ronny Rabalder​, Witch Princess​, Ida Nerbø​, Richard Blanco​, Nite Site b2b Lemur, Freddie​, Tord​, VJ Lupo​, VJ Adamek​, Strobemeister Anders G.


Facebook event here!
Resident Advisor event here!


KSMISK’s epic album, Mikrometeorittene, (PL022NK) released everywhere today!

Check it here:

Deejays like it too:
*François Kevorkian (Wave)
Some great stuff in there like “Silicate” and
“Blitz”, will definitely support. I like the use of ambient textures as interludes too!

*Slam (Soma)
Thanx guys

*Matt Edwards (Radio Slave (Official))
Thanks for the promo.

*Jonas Kopp (Ostgut Ton, Spectral Sound)

*Joris Voorn

*David (Truncate)
Spherules is the one for me thanks!

*Len Faki (Podium / Behrgain / Panoramabar / Ostgut Ton)
silicate and westergas are great for the first listen! surely have to dive more deeply into it. thX LF

*Dylan Hermelijn (2000 and One / 100% Pure / Intacto)
Cool Album, thank You!

*Tom Peters (Kompakt, Get Physical)
Blitz is dope

* Jon Hester (EDEC, Les Enfants Terribles, L.A.G.)
Chrondrites, Wustite, and Vesta for me thanks!

* Johannes Volk (Dolly / Axis / Sistrum)
Great album, especially Spherules! Thanks

* P.Leone (Work Them Records, E-MISSIONS)
blitz & silicate for me 🙂

* Pablo Roman-Alcala (Beaner)
if only i were playing big rooms these days some of these are great!

* Shlomo (Taapion Records / Delsin)
really nice ! Spherules is my pick

* Setaoc Mass (Work Them Records, SK_eleven, Animal Farm Records, Initial Berlin)
Some nice ones in here!

* Marco Effe (Break New Soil, Prism)
Spherules is the one for me! Thanks for the music

* Ben Sims
thx! digging Spherules the most

* Anastasia Kristensen (Nous Disques)
I dig Silicate! THX

* Avalon Emerson (Whities / Spring Theory / Icee Hot)
dope thank you

*Rodhad (Dystopian / Other Heights /Semantica / Berlin)
downloading for listen. thanks!

*Dax J (Monnom Black)

*Avalon Emerson (Whities / Spring Theory /Icee Hot)
dope thank you

*John Osborn (TANSTAAFL)
like on first listen – Spherules stood out for me
but will give it some more time as a whole –
thank you

*Keith Carnal (Arts, Affin)
Very cool album! Like nearly all of them! Thanks a lot!

*Baikal (Maeve)
interesting nice textures

P.Leone (Work Them Records, Rekids, E-MISSIONS)
blitz & silicate for me 🙂

*Tom Peters (Kompakt, Get Physical)
Blitz is dope

*JC Laurent (Hidden / Decoy)
All tracks are really good ! Thanks



Announcing CementO’s brilliant Fryktfulle Fabler EP aka PL021NK!

We love this! CementO provided the incredible Nordisk Skjønnhet to the 96-16#2 EP compilation (PL011NK), and we’ve been wanting to work with him again since then!

Due december 8th everywhere digital and dec 11th on vinyl… More details on the EP here.

And here’s the DJ’s feedback:
*Laurent Garnier (none)
quality Techno

* Discrete Circuit (Tellerrand Rec.)
Great work, thanks!

nice label always nice stuff

*Tom Peters (Kompakt, Get Physical)
Fjordens is exactly what I love at the moment. All orginal tracks are for me on this EP.

*David (Truncate)

*Opuswerk (Arts, Krill Music)
Forekomsten is up my alley. Will play this one. Thank you!

*Leftfield (Leftfield)
top work. love Trolls Reise particularly. but all are very playable

*AWB (Taapion Records)
Forekomsten is dope ! thx

*Santiago Salazar (DJ S2)
I’m digging these tunes.

*Darko Esser / Tripeo (Balans / Clone)
Fjordens Vei is dope!!

*Shlomo (Taapion Records / Delsin)

*P.Leone (Work Them Records, E-MISSIONS)
forekomsten! awesome work

*Rush Plus (Rush Plus DC)
yo! liking this release a lot, Will. Thanks for sending over:)

*Keith Carnal (Arts, Affin)
Forekomsten is really good, thanks!

*Marcel Dettmann

*Cyril Etienne (Dj Deep)

*Justin Cudmore (The Bunker (NYC), Honey Soundsystem)
Speaker expanded mix++!

*Marcel Heese (Tresor)
first track for me, thanks!

*Johannes Volk (Dolly / Axis / Sistrum)
Trolls Reise sounds really special, great release!

*Marco Effe (Break New Soil, Prism)
Fjordens Vei is nice!

*Bleak (Delsin, Deeply Rooted, Naura) Trolls Reise (Speaker Expanded Mix) sounds great! Thanks

*Zak (DVS1)

DJ Spider (Plan B Recordings, The Trilogy Tapes, KilleKill)
Track 1 & 3 for me.

Announcing Argentina’s Joaquin Ruiz’ Galactic EP on PLOINK

Oh yes!

Joaquin Ruiz is indeed releasing his first EP for PLOINK!

Due november 3rd on vinyl & digital, and you can already find a taste here.

More details here.

Oh. And the djs? They’re all over it:

* Laurent Garnier (none)
‘cool tracks’

* DJ Rolando (Underground Resistance / Delsin / Ostgut Ton / Skudge)
‘Spiralism is the one for me. will play this one out for sure… ‘

* AWB (Taapion Records)
‘Equilatero for me. thx’

* Marcelus (Tresor, Deeply Rooted, Marcel Dettmann Records)
‘yep this one is very good! transmissions, equilatero also, even last one is great! ‘

* Johannes Volk (Dolly / Axis / Sistrum)
‘Really love this dramatic vibe in Galactic, great release! Thanks’

* JC Laurent (Hidden / Decoy)
‘Great EP ! Thanks’

* Baikal (Maeve)
‘lovely stuff!’

* Martin (The Black Dog)
‘Will give these a spin on Dogma.’

* Marco Effe (Break New Soil, Prism)
‘Spiralism is nice! Thanks’

* Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma)
‘Thanx ‘


Check this amazing review of KSMISK’s forthcoming release on Ploink, signed by our old heroes, Mixmag Magazine!!!

“Seductive stuff from one of our favourite labels (..)
Ploink is fast becomming one of our favourite techno labels, and the Norway-based imprint brings the goods once again with this killer new cut from KSMISK. Magma is probably about as deep as the earth’s own magma pools, with a bassline that penetrates every atom of your being as it pulls you into its seductive web.”
9/10, Mixmag – September 2017 (Techno Review)

PL019NK aka KSMISK’s insane Magma EP is out very soon!

We love Ben Sims!

Thank you Ben Sims​ for support!
+plattform​’s track Front from his Twelve album aka PL019NK on your last Run It Red mixshow.

Remember the two Ploink parties you played in Oslo and Bergen back in 2009? Maybe time to get you back mate? 🙂


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