Oooooooh yes – we are indeed hosting a PLOINK Stage at Bergens finest festival, DEN ELLEVILLE FESTEN VII september 19th this year!!

Lots of amazing artists at the fest and we are bringing the following acts from our little roster:

Christian Tilt Live
Kahuun Live
Nordenstam Live
Vakum Live

Djs Miss Mostly & Thomas Urv
And even the lasermappinlegend Birk!!

Dont miss it!

Facebook event here.




We are very happy to announce that PLOINK artists CHRISTIAN TILT and THOMAS URV will be performing their Berlin debuts at legendary Berghain july 4th.

Christian will be performing his hardware liveset before Thomas djing a 4h vinyl set.

Good times.

Berghain - bilde



Oh yes, we’re still very much in HOHOHO-mode!

So we’ve saved yet another present for you!

We will be releasing PL004NK, the lovely Tilted EP by Christian Tilt! More details later..

PL004NK was originally planned as a five track EP, including a fifth track we loved, the very short but o so sweet Listen To My Wonderful Voice. Alas, even though short, we couldnt fit it on the vinyl as it would have forced us to compromize on the volume and bass, thus basically the overall sound quality of the vinyl. And we don’t compromize.

We mastered the track with the other four tracks of the release anyway (by Mike at Dubplates & Mastering as usual) as we figured we’d find another occasion for it.

Then it dawned on us. What better occasion than to give it to you as limited free download for xmas??

So here it is, Christian Tilt’s Listen To My Wonderful Voice – free download the rest of 2014 – grab it now while you can!

And stay tuned for PL004NK, released february 2nd, with its birtdayparty february 7th here.


Daytime live techno by Nordenstam at Robot and Apollon

Nordenstam will do instore concerts at Bergen’s finest shops Robot and Apollon this saturday dec 13th!

Indeed! Live techno in the daytime – to spice up that x-mas madness (x-mad?) and bring you some proper jollyness, if you happen to find yourself in Bergen this saturday afternoon..

Approx 20min shows at Robot 16:00 and again at Apollon 18:00. And its free. Because its x-mad.

And of course, dont forget to pick up a fresh copy of the EP while there…:)





As you MUST know by now we are releasing Nordenstam’s HER VIL JEG VÆRE EP, yes the PL003NK, TODAY, monday december 8th 2014….

And just because we are actually Santa – we kid you not, Kriss “Hohoho” Kringle in person, all of us – and since its just not sustainable to keep our reindeers in the air any longer, what with the climate and all…. Anyways, WE HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU ALL!

Back on PL001NK – BERGEN EP, Nordenstam’s now classic track ACID OVER DANMARKSPLASS was one that people keep mentioning.
We love it too.

So Nordenstam has actually made an xmas remix of the track for us and here it is;

Free download ofcourse. After all, it is xmas..

So, as the mouse says: From all of us – To all of you…

Enjoy. And enjoy the holidays & new year celebration, whichever version you prefer.

Kjærleik. And Mu Mu.

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